VOiD / Tore Aune Fjellstad

male / 31 / Norway
bass / guitar / mandolin / various

I am an active, experienced musician from Norway, specialising in ambient electronic and light rock music. I am available for collaborations and soundtrack work. I am also exceedingly cheap.

Contact me at void at medievalfuture dot com for any project propositions.


The Ur-Quan Masters. An fan-made, open-source port of the popular PC-game Star Control 2. As a part of The Precursors I was involved with the soundtrack, remixing and reimagining the original score.

Trax in Space. I was a member of the original Trax in Space back in the nineties, and when it came back, so did I. Whenever I release single tracks, this is where they show up.

The Mod Archive. Where you will find some of the music I made during the tracker era.

Also found at: Alonetone | Bandcamp | CTGmusic | The Mod Archive | Trax in Space